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An swf is a small flash file. It stands for Shockwave flash, and can be found in Club penguin. A few files have

An swf of the town

been deleted, this means that it will Not be on Club penguin again, but most are still fine. There are still some blogs with the problem. In swfs, no penguins appear , because it's just a local swf. You can see one here. The weird thing, is that they are nearly all in different languages from english these days. A penguins in swfs are Dark Black.


  • The only .swfs on Club Penguin when it began were rooms.
  • Music .swfs arrived in Dec. 2006, but they were part of room .swfs. Club Penguin took the music of the room .swfs off because it loaded so slow.
  • In the upgrades of June 2008, music .swfs arrived seperately from room .swfs.
  • After Spanish, Portugese and French servers were added, barely any .swfs were in English.


  • Music .swfs in the future can give you an idea of what's coming in the next few months.
  • The .swf's of the games just shows one color, everything else in the game is hidden in the script of the .swf, that tells it to not show a frame unless it is a real game.
  • Most .swfs are not deleted, they are updated.

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