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120px-Shamrock pin

The first pin, the Shamrock.

A pin is a small picture which is different every time. These pins come out every 2 weeks. You will never find one in the same place as the last one, and you will also never find one at the Town, since it is too busy here. As you can see, here is a list of the first few pins hidden, with the first being the Shamrock.
  1. Shamrock
  2. Music note
  3. Plant
  4. Pizza

    The Beach Ball Pin

  5. Ballon
  6. Lantern
  7. Beach Ball
  8. Sun
  9. Horse Shoe
  10. Astro Barrier Ship
  11. Hockey Stick

    The Sun Pin

  12. Football
  13. Pencil
  14. Lighthouse
  15. Telescope
  16. Pirate Flag
  17. Pumpkin
  18. Jetpack
  19. Life Ring
  20. Campfire
  21. Christmas Tree
  22. Candy Cane
  23. Apple
  24. Cactus
  25. Teddy Bear


Anniversary Pin 4

The pin for the 4th year party.

  • In 2010, some pins have been bigger than previous years.
  • Occasionly during special events, pins are moved to another bit of the room, like the Koi fish at the Cove.
  • At one point during 2010, there were 3 pins avalible. There were only meant to be 2, but due to a glitch, there were 3. The glitched pin was the Wagon. When you went over to it, it said Sorry, this item is not currently avalible. This was proberly because the database said that the pin had gone, but The Club Penguin Team forgot to take the image away.
  • Many Penguins thought that the 101 Days of Fun pin would be the 101st pin. This was false, as the pin was the 98th or 99th pin avalible.
  • Flags were made avalible to all penguins for the first time in January 2010.
  • Apart from pins for plays, all pins will never return.

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