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Hello! Welcome to The Club Penguin Rocks Wiki's talk page! Comments will occasionly be posted here, but only if someone has a question, or wants tomake a change to the wiki. A message is shown below, posted by the main contributer: Gourleyo! In the message, it will tell you how he joined Club penguin.

On april 7th 2009, I was at 1 of mummy's friends houses. Because the computer was my favorite subject, I went on thier one. I went onto Youtube, but mummys friend didn't really like that. She said something like My real name, only go to Club penguin. I had a look on thier childrens account, Then we went out to Avon valley country park. Once we got back, I had a closer look. I found it quite fun, so the next day, once I got home, I asked mummy to sign me up. OK, she said. And that's the story of how I joined Club penguin.

Gourleyo -- Electric_Guitar_Animation.gif 16:12, February 10, 2010 (UTC)

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