Hello again! Sorry I've not been here for nearly a day. On saturday, it was viruses on my computer, this came from a site called Image hut, I think. Don't go to it. It has viruses, K9 stoped it from happening, but it gave K9 whitelist a virus, so K9 whitelist wasn't working this morning. Daddy then changed it into blacklist mode for the day, so if you use K9 whitelist, disable it into blacklist mode for the day. I doubt that anyone will use it, since only about 1000,000 people around the world use it, but today, don't use it. It's dodgy today. Yesterday night, it also had the same problem. Start using it, on Tuesday, I would say.

Gourleyo -- Electric_Guitar_Animation.gif 11:53, February 7, 2010 (UTC)

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